Our Apples

  • Haralson


    The Haralson apple is large, firm, and red. They are crisp and juicy, having a tart flavor. They’re great for…

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  • Honeycrisp


    The Honeycrisp apple is aromatic and sweet as honey and has a light, airy explosive juicy texture. Simply fabulous eaten…

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  • McIntosh


    McIntosh apples are vivid red brushed with bright green, oftentimes speckled with white lenticels (spots). The amount of red or…

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  • SnowSweet®


    SnowSweet apples have an appetizing appearance. It's fruit has a white, crisp flesh that’s sweet, tasty and perfect for fresh…

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  • Zestar!®


    Zestar! apples are an early season apple with a light, crisp texture and a hint of brown sugar flavor. They…

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  • SweeTango®


    SweeTango is a crisp and sweet apple with notes of citrus, honey and spice. It’s perfectly crunchy and juicy. SweeTango…

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  • Mums


    In the later fall, visit Whistling Well Farm for an amazing selection of locally-grown beautiful and colorful mums and fall…

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  • Pumpkins


    Make sure to come by later in the fall for your pumpkin needs. We'll have plenty for your fall and…

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  • Our Country Store

    Our Country Store

      Stop in and shop our country store where you will find preserves, jellies, pumpkin butter, pancake mixes, maple syrup…

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